Meet Our Team

Our Qosprey team members are your creative wingman for digital success!

Qosprey SEO Expert Prodip
Prodip Kumar Das

SEO Expert

Prodip Kumar Das is an experienced SEO expert with over 5 years of experience helping businesses reach their goals. He is highly knowledgeable about search engine optimization principles and practices and has extensive experience in website optimization, link building, content creation, and more. He is committed to helping businesses succeed through providing the best SEO strategies and services that will increase website visibility and generate better results.

Qosprey Web Design And Developer Faysal
Faysal Molla

Web Design And Developer

Faysal Molla is an experienced web designer and developer with over 5 years of industry experience. He has a passion for creating userfriendly websites that provide intuitive navigation and beautiful visuals. Faysal is a visionary and able to identify current web trends and ensure that his design work keeps up with them. He can also effectively identify areas of improvement and is able to provide timely and effective solutions. With his drive and enthusiasm, he is certain to make a positive impact on any project.

Qosprey Digital Marketing Specialist Ramjon
Ramjan Ali Noyon

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ramjan Ali Noyon is a digital marketing expert with a passion for helping businesses connect with their customers. He has extensive experience in SEO, SEM, content creation, analytics, email marketing and social media marketing to create successful digital marketing campaigns. He is creative, knowledgeable and resultsoriented, delivering innovative solutions to help businesses grow.

Amit Sarkar

Social Media Marketer

Amit Sarkar is an experienced Social Media Marketer. He has an indepth knowledge of the everchanging landscape of digital marketing, with a special focus on organic social media growth and audience development. He works with businesses of all sizes to design and implement effective, resultsdriven social media strategies.

Ashis Kumar

Content Writer

Ashis Kumar is a highly skilled content writer with several years of experience in versatile content writing topics. He has an eye for detail and is excellent at creating engaging content. From Blogs to Articles, Ashis has written in various styles and tones to cater to varied audience. He has a comprehensive grasp of storytelling techniques to ensure readership and engagement.

Mominur Rahman

Data Analyst

Mominur is a highly skilled Data Analyst, experienced in delivering datadriven insights to business development initiatives through analysis of largescale datasets. He is an adept problemsolver, expert in a range of statistical methods, and a critical thinker with an eye for detail. His expertise in data visualization and storytelling offers a unique insight into both qualitative and quantitative data.